The Kronkelmonks live inside a big mound. The teeming life of the mound is full of hidden suprises and we enter their world filled with rythm, games and enjoying the perks of life.

They live together in peaceful bliss and share everything the mound has to offer.  Suddenly one day something unexpected happens and their friendship is put to the test. Who owns ehat and what’s owned by who? Can anything be shared, and shared equally?

For children from 3 years and up

Duration: 40 minutes

Consept and direction: Konstellasjonen

Artistic advisor: Anne Marit Sæther

Scenography and costumes: Jenny Hilmo Teig

Props: Marie Steen Löwendahl, Jenny Hilmo Teig and Konstellasjonen

Photos and poster: Trond-Atle Farestveit

Technical needs:

The play is best suited for larger rooms like gymnasiums or  social centers with the audience placed on mats, benches and chairs overlooking the stage area. It is also possible to play in an amphitheatre.

If the room has an elevated stage, it should be played on the floor and chairs placed after we are done setting up.

Width: min. 8 meters

Depth: min. 9 meters

Sound: We bring our own sound system but we need to borrow speakers

Lighting: Generic stage lighting or if possible our own lighting design but you would have to provide the lighting rig.

Set up: 3 hours

After show: 1,5 hours

Max audience: 150

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