For children from 0-3 years

Out of the blue is a non-verbal visual theatre performance where the children meeet both familiar and unfamiliar objects together with our three playful Måkkislorts.

Sausage pinches, pacifiers and knitting needles magically transform into schools of fish, singing choir girls and swords. Out of the blue, litlle stories emerge, and through music, dance and wonder a colourful game between the objects and the characters come to life.

Duration: 25 minutes

Consept and direction: Konstellasjonen

Costumes: Jenny Hilmo Teig

Photos, poster and flyers: Trond-Atle Farestveit

Technical needs:

Out of the blue uis an intimate theatre performance which doesn’t require of a lot of space or set-up. The performance can be played in kindergardens or an a small intimate stage.

We prefer the audience to sit as close to us as possible, preferably on the floor. If possible, they should be placed on mats, benches and chairs. A small amphitheatre would also work.

Width: 4 meters

Depth: 5 meters

Sound: We need to borrow speakers that can be connected to our small portable stereo with mini jack.

Lighting: For intimate stages or amphitheatres: Generic stage lighting



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