In a lush magical owl forest, we encounter a group of selfimportant and elongated world champions: The Huttistutts. With their enthusiastic antics, the curious Huttistutts seek answers to all of life’s riddles   – including the enigma of friendship. But the plan goes haywire and procedure is compromised. Competition and jelousy breeds desire for change. As night fals, friends become enemies.

Can things ever to back to the way they were? Are we able to forgive and make up?

For children between 6 and 9 years

Duration: 45 minutes

Story and direction: Konstellasjonen

Mentor: Lise Hovik

Artistic consultant: Anne Marit Sæther

Costumes and scenography: Jenny Hilmo Teig

Photos, poster and flyers: Trond-Atle Farestveit

Technical needs:


Width: 8m

Depth: 9m


Sound: We bring our own sound system but we need to borrow speakers.

Lighting: Generic stage lighting.

Set up: 2,5 hours

After show: 1 hour

Max audience: 100 (The play contains interactive elements so it’s important that at least half of the audience consists of children of the target audience)


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