korrigeringer plakatbilde


‘Five girls in a company – is that a kind of feminist project?’ This question was posed by an older male colleague at a perming arts festival in 2010 – the year we founded Konstellasjonen – and it’s been on our minds ever since. How we or others define us as artists produces a causal connection between what we create and the definitions themselves. If we had answered ‘yes’ to the question back then, we would have been lying. Not because we as women don’t engage in gender issues, but we didn’t found Konstellasjonen because we were feminists, or because we were women. Though, one might say that this attitude in and of itself became a sort of feminist project in practice – to provide a somewhat delayed response to the question posed by our colleague. The desire to put people in boxes remains strong, also within the performing arts community. After eight years as a company mainly producing children’s theatre, Konstellasjonen went through a kind of identity crisis, and that’s how Corrections came to be – in the crossroads between the desire to avoid stereotyping and an awareness concerning our own artistic signature. This also means that the answer to what Corrections is about remains open. We simply don’t want to put it into a box. But if you see it, you might certainly make it about both gender and feminism. To us, it has become an open, playful and slightly gloomy story about people’s need for answers, especially concerning whatever feels hopeless.

On an iceberg – way up north – we meet a dinosaur with an inferiority complex, a disillusioned cowboy and a pirate who simply longs to get away. Through their search for identity and truth in a frozen landscape of empty bottles, extinct animals and old ideals, they look for answers to how they should relate to a world which looks like it’s becoming somewhat unhinged. Corrections is a playful critique of civilisation and the games adults play – the search for authenticity and corrected attempts at getting a handle on our world!


Many experience a political and ideological awakening during adolescence, resulting in a new and broader understanding of society and the world we live in. They are at a crossroads, and are about to make choices regarding their future, along the way to becoming independent individuals. For many, this manifests as an enormously stressful burden. How do you find your place and identity in such a chaotic world?



‘Corrections is an imaginative and exciting universe which poses questions and opens up to association and reflection. The play is playful and humorous.  The youths reflected well on the performance and created knowledge from it.’ Fredrik Johansen Bjørk, teacher at Charlottenlund High School, Phone: 73 89 22 35/ 413 09 977

Idea/concept/copyright: Konstellasjonen and Kristofer Grønskag

Producer and project manager: Konstellasjonen

Co-producer: Teaterhuset Avant Garden

Performers: Elizabeth Piro Volan – member and co-founder of Konstellasjonen. In addition to those produced by Konstellasjonen, she has performed in a number of other plays, including «Musika mobile» and «Veien mellom huler og tårn»(Cirka teater),  and «Tungvekterne» (Fabularium produksjoner). Elizabeth also works as a hospital clown.

Kristina Kiberg – member and co-founder of Konstellasjonen. In addition to those produced by Konstellasjonen, she has performed in «Demokratikk» and «En søvnløs natt» for Trøndelag DKS, several versions of «Rebella Hex» (former Nord- Trøndelag Teater) and «Hundre hemmeligheter» (Cirka teater/ Riksteatret). Kristina works as a coordinator for the hospital clowns at the St. Olav Hospital, as well as being part of their artistic advisory group.

Siri Schnell Juvik – has a background from Trøndelag Teater (Karlsson på taket, Ghosts, Fuglane, Spring awakening and Fiddler on the roof), Turnéteatret i Trøndelag (The Physicists) and Teater fot (Hverken fugl eller fisk).

Playwright: Kristofer Blindheim Grønskag got his debut with The beloved in 2009, and has since written a number of plays for children, youths and adults. His plays have so far been translated into ten different languages. He has been nominated for, and has won, several awards for his work. The beloved won the Amsterdam Fringe Bronze Award 2012 and the Nordic Radio Drama Prize 2017; Satellites in the Night Sky was longlisted for the Deutsche Kindertheaterpreis 2016, and was awarded  the Jugendtheaterpreis Baden-Württemberg 2018; Å telle til null was nominated for Ibsenprisen 2018. Other titles include Kinder K, Gutten, Larmen og Vreden and Corrections, the last one written exclusively for Konstellasjonen. Kristofer has acted as in-house playwright at Dramatikkens Hus in Oslo, and as a Norwegian representative at the European Writers Lab.

Costumes og scenography: Jenny Hilmo Teig. Works at Teateraterlier i Trondheim and has – in addition to being responsible for the visual aspect of several of Konstellasjonen’s productions – also contributed to productions like Hundre hemmeligheter (Cirka Teater) and Kvinner i for store herreskjorter (feature film).

 Lighting Design: Eirik Brenne Torsethaugen has created lighting design and scenography for a number of plays and dance performances all over Norway. Projects from the last couple of years include Fra Haugesund with Love, Sånne som Oss, Peter Pan and Jesus Christ Superstar at Haugesund Teater, Viruset by Jo Strømgren Kompani and Kunst at Turneteateret i Trøndelag, as well a number of smaller shows. This autumn he will be working with Bare en våt munn by Lindeberg/Nilsen and The Pearl Fishers for the Ringsakeroperaen.

Dramatic Advisor: Vera Krohn Svaleng – Freelance dramatic advisor. Has formerly worked for Trøndelag Teater, and then as resident dramatic advisor at Den nationale scene in Bergen. She has also worked for Verk produksjoner and Grusomhetens teater, among others.

 Cooperation with target group and guest stay, Lokstallen, Stjørdal: Mari Moe Krysinska