About us


Konstellasjonen invites you into worlds full of adventure, imagination, strange creatures, humour and music. Here, body, movement, spatiality and rhythm are equated with textual communication. We work within a physical and visual theatrical expression which emphasizes playfulness. We are committed to creating imaginative and surprising possibilities for the audience to be present in another universe, if only for a moment. We produce for all age groups, but our main focus is children’s theater and the exploration of children’s participation in both process and performance. We work with specific target audiences in mind, and we often work closely with reference groups during the production phase.


”(…)The company has  made a name for itself in Sør-Trøndelag as a professional and hardworking group which casts a wide net within the independent field, and has contributed to professionalising and strengthening it. As performers, they show great potential, and are already among the most interesting stage performers in the region.” – Jury statement, Sør-Trøndelag Regional Artist (2012).


Konstellasjonen was established in 2010, and is based in Trondheim. Founding members are actresses Ingvild Meland, Janne Brit Rustad, Kristina Kiberg, Elizabeth Piro Volan and Aud Kristine Horseng.


The company has toured both in Norway and abroad, visiting venues in Spain, Poland, France, Cameroon, India, Portugal, Sweden and Denmark, among others. The plays have been performed at schools, kindergartens and pre-schools, as well as in theatres and festival venues.